ICOS-Technology USA to EU Car Convertion Components.

ICOS-Technology design and manufacture many innovative products for many different trades, some of which are used in the conversion from USA to European Spec on many American cars. The most predominant of these is the Blinker Splitter. The current version of blinker Splitter is Mk4; this is for general purpose use on all USA Spec cars with either Filament or LED lamps. Fitting is slightly different for one than the other, but the operation is the same. The design of the Blinker Splitter is Solely the intellectual property of ICOS-Technology, and the copywriter of the Software used in it belongs to Alan Atkinson of ICOS-Technology. Any products using a copy of this software are illegal copies and most likely cannot be properly supported.
Other products of ICOS-Technology are;
1/. The LFOD (Lamp Failure Override Device), this is a not to clever way to get around the lamp failure indication (blinkers running at double speed) you would normally associate with a bulb failure, and what happens When you transfer blinker signal to an alternate lamp (one without a luminance test, or inadequate current drain). This can also happen if you leave an LED Brake light without luminance test.
2/. Radio Box, a small box that fits between the antenna and the radio to alter the incoming frequency so that is will suit the American radios (American radios tune in steps of 200KHz instead of the 100KHz steps used in Europe), so many stations would be missed without this type of device.
3/. Parking Light Divert. With US Spec continental cars like BMW, it is common to have parking lights that turn on when you leave the Turn Indicator on and turn off the ignition. The problem with these parking lights is that it is the turn indicator that comes on, so it is AMBER, and the law requires lights to be white. This little box intercepts the signal and diverts it to White Lights.
There are 2 new Blinker splitters coming to the range very soon, a device to replace the LFOD, with a true indication of lamp failure, and possibly a device to light both front indicators of motorcycles at low power, so they will act as running lights.

Blinker Splitter

Blinker Splitter Mk 4

The Mk4 ICOS-Technology Blinker Splitter, designed for use on American Spec Cars with either Filament lamps or LED lamps. It is specifically to change the blinker signal from flashing the Brake Light (as they do in the USA), to flashing a separate AMBER Light, as required in Europe. Prior to its invention the most common method was to wire back from the front indicators, a time consuming and tedious job hiding wires the full length of the vehicle.
You may require additional parts with this device, like resistors etc. please check. This unit is capable of driving 2 x 27 watt lamps either side. For cars originally fitted with LED lights, this unit has LFOD built in.

Price £89.00

Radio Convertor Box

USA to EU radio convertion box

USA to EU Radio Converter Box.
ICOS-Technology Radio Box, a small box that fits between the antenna and the radio to alter the incoming frequency so that is will suit American radios (American radios tune in steps of 200KHz instead of the 100KHz steps used in Europe). Many stations would be missed without this type of device.
Simple to install, and simple to use. Just pick up power and ground from the Radio, connect the Antenna and Radio, and mount a small button in a discrete place. To use just press the button to change incoming frequency by 100 KHz.

Price £95.00.


LFOD (Lamp Fail Overide Device)

The ICOS-Technology LFOD (Lamp Failure Overide Device) is for use with cars that have LED brake lights as original equipment. They are designed to mimic the signal from the Brake Light LED when it is replaced with AMBER LED lights. With out a device like this fitted the blinkers would flash at double speed, which is the standard signal to indicate the Brake Light bulb has failed. When the Mk4 Blinker Splitter is used, these devices are already incorperated, so there is no need to use separate units like this. The use of these devices should not be confused with the requirement for Load Resistors needed on some convertions, and these will not work in place of resistors.

Price £35.00 per pair.

Parking Light Control

Parking Light Control

These are the simple answer to a small problem that sometime occers. Some Continental cars have a facility whereby you can leave the turn signal on and turn off the ignition switch, this turns on the rear light and the front running light for that side of the car (left turn left side right turn right side) to act as parking light. The problem is with American Spec cars they use the side marker turn indicator (which is amber). This is OK in the US, but not legal in Europe. The problem is it is not posible to re-wire this, as it is part of the turn indicator circuit. The ICOS-Technology Parking Light Control simply fits in the feed to this amber light, and when it goes into parking light mode, it diverts the power to the front light which is white (requires wirring) or alternativly to any white LED light you wish to fit.

Price £45.00 per pair.

ICOS-Technology New Products Arriving Shortly.

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