Blinker Splitter Mk5

Blinker Splitter Mk 5

The Mk5 ICOS-Technology Blinker Splitter Versions 5.0.0 to 5.4.9, designed for use on American Spec Cars with either Filament lamps or LED lamps. It is specifically to change the blinker signal from flashing the Brake Light (as they do in the USA), to flashing a separate AMBER Light, as required in Europe. Prior to its invention the most common method was to wire back from the front indicators, a time consuming and tedious job hiding wires the full length of the vehicle.
You may require additional parts with this device, like resistors etc. please check. This unit is capable of driving 2 x 27 watt lamps either side. For cars originally fitted with LED lights, this unit also has LFOD built in.

Price £92.00

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