ICOS-Technology New Products.

On this page we will give you information on any new products as they are in final stages of development or becoming available shortly. On our Trade Enquiry page you can post any ideas you have for new products, and we will look at the possibility of producing it. We are currently looking at manufacturing rear amber signal lights that are semi flexable to fit the curvature of the rear corners of most vehicles. These would be fitted with proper Lamp Failure Devices, instead of the not to legal LFOD.

Blinker Splitter Mk5.5

Blinker Splitter Mk 4

Almost identical to the Mk5.1 version of the Blinker Splitter, this model will be fitted with a test mode button. It will operate with a single press and test the wiring to the rear lights, and the function of the LFODs.

Blinker Splitter Mk6

Blinker Splitter Mk 4

The Mk6 Blinker Splitter will have the exact same function as the Mk5.5, but will be fully solid state. This will give it even longer life, and will make it silent in operation.